Tuesday, 25 October 2011


8pm and I've just sat down.  I'm mapping out procedures and HACCP and god knows what else at work at the moment, and my mind is fried.  Sunday's long afternoon roast dinner, beer and Lego session seems like a life time ago...so it was great to find an email from Grant Robinson in my inbox just now.

I love to follow the blogs of photographers.  They aren't the most prolific, but when they post its always worth the wait.  This latest from Grant Robinson is from a Bike Speedway event in Sheffield (I think).  You can see more here.

Its all about the atmosphere, the speedway pro tyres (who knew?), the track flange hubs, the handle bars, flat frames...love it.

I meant to post this video from Cycle Oxford about Speedway earlier in the summer.  Speedway looks addictive and ultra competitive.  Lets get a track next door to the pump track.

Cycle Speedway 2011 - Horspath Vs Poole from Cycle Oxford on Vimeo.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Tubes & Tools

Lou just stumbled across this Swedish bike forum,while she was looking for furniture, or something...

Frame parts from here: http://www.framebuilding.com/ (Warning this website is stuck in 1998).

Sunday, 9 October 2011

New Geek of the Week

Wow.  A few weeks ago I discovered the MAKEzine blog, which is a full of incredibly talented and committed hardware hackers and 3D printer using types.  I'm currently sat behind my desk, preparing for an inspection tomorrow (yes its 20.45 on a sunday night), but I felt like taking a quick peek at Make while I waited for a document to print.  15 minutes later I've just finished watching Michael Egger make a Video Bass and felt compelled to share it with more than just my Dad, Brother and Twitter followers.

Its 15 minutes long, but its just great to see the lengths to which he goes to make his guitar.
I've never seen Plywood being bent like that - I had no idea it could be that simple. Think I might start a mid-century furniture workshop...or build a boat bike.

Building the Videobass from Michael Egger on Vimeo.

(But, ha, it looks like he can't weld very well).