Tuesday, 18 January 2011


...and the rain stayed away.

The car was covered in an odd frost first thing this morning. The type that looks like diamond facets all over the windows and roof - but the clear blue skies and the piercing sunlight are just exactly what I ordered. I had a fairly sedate morning getting the kids ready for school. Even stopping to enjoy the last half of Postman Pat with the boys.

9.45am Ru and I drop Charlie off, we've been to the bank, the car-part shop down the road and the bakers. We've picked up a new rear wiper, a puncture repair kit, a loaf of bread and two Cherry Danish. So far so good.

11.00. Ru is fighting a cold, so we've rested for a while, scoffed our Danish (Cherries first) and watched Deadly 60.

He's wearing his jim jams under his clothes, a big scarf, his duffle coat and gloves. While I adjust and plug in his safety belt, a Helicopter circles over head, drowning out all other sounds and hes transfixed. Getting on the bike I immediately feel at ease and remind myself just how much more comfortable my mountain bike is than my commuter. We take a steady pace around the local streets, then across the bridge on Coronation road to briefly join the chocolate block path before looping around the docks and cobblestones around the harbour side. Two Swans fly in past the Arnolfini as we reach the Lloyds ampithetre, and we match their speed as they come in to land side by side.

12.25. We're home again. Ru has had a micro sleep up North Street and I can feel I need to work on my fitness. All this relaxing has revealed just how weak my shoulders have become. Suddenly without the usual scrunched up tension, they feel in capable of supporting my weight on the handlebars. Think I'll start the 100 Press Up routine again. Some stomach muscles will help too...

We met Lou for Lunch at Boston Tea party. I have that post exercise buzz, and my skin and body feel refreshed in clean clothes, while the air in my lungs feels like its visting every last avenue. Feels like I can drink the air. I feel totally at ease with Ru and enjoy a conversation about Swans, bikes, boats and 'lonely' ducks. The empathy this boy has towards animals is bonkers.

Gotta get Charlie from school now. Hope I can keep this feeling going.

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  1. Beautiful, glad you are having a lovely day, hope tomorrow is just as happy! Just need to get some pics on your blog! xx