Monday, 30 May 2011

CLIC 24, 2011

The CLIC 24 hour mountain bike event is held on the Mendips hills each May. I usually realise I've missed it when I see streams of cars heading back in to Bristol with muddy bikes bearing race numbers.

This year I decided to volunteer as a marshall. At least this way I could contribute in some way to the charity which raises money for Children living with cancer and leukaemia. So, two saturdays ago, I took a 9 till midnight shift and stood in a high vis jacket, waving at people.

There was a great atmosphere in the start/finish area. The sort where strangers talk freely to one and another, and happily lend mobile phones and pass around mini mars bars. Two parents escorted their 12-13 year old kids out on a lap at about 9.30pm. Around two hours later I saw them return, and the Dad muttered..."Not doing that again".
Despite this - I can't wait until I can do similar with my boys.
Heres a video of my boys in training, last summer.

Apparently the event raised close to £30,000, already.

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  1. dont ever grow old little men! And never get rid of the puky's! x