Thursday, 28 July 2011


Wow, its been ages.  New job is very great.  Steep learning curve, as expected, and no hiding among the team for a few months, either.  There is no team - so straight in at the deep end.

Been getting in to fine tea and learning to make coffee properly.  Milk is now used only on cereal and in white sauce for pasta.  More beverages, later.

New commute to work is practically a freewheel on the way in, and a steep sprint on the way home.  Met some great people recently.  People in to bikes, food, tea and coffee.  Going to pitch our tea to Lookmumnohands in a few weeks.  Shame the Tour has already finished.  But what a Tour?  Andy, you were robbed last year - but this year we saw some pretty poor character.  Nice one Evans.  Shame Wiggins crashed out.  I was hoping for a repeat of the '09 race, when it was like the Cav and Wig show.  Mr Thomas looks good for the future - but stay on the track for 2012, that's my advice.

New favourite teas:  Pouchong, Mi Lan Dan Cong, Roasted Long Juan Tie Guan Yin, Raw Puerh.
Still digging mint, too.

One day I'm going to learn to manual like a 4xer.  In the mean time I better learn to jump.

More Mountain Biking Videos
Video lifted from Hard Tail Nation.

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