Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Muddy Legs

Been out for a ride on the glorious new(ish) trails in Ashton Court tonight. One of those rides where every hill can be conquered and the trails flow. Its hard not to flow on the new trails, truth be told. I'm trying not to be snobby, but I can't wait for all those vintage 1997 Saracen riders to either give up or upgrade.

Pump track progress:

So with my new found effortless flow (ahem), I'm looking forward to Brunel's pump track opening at the end of September. Last week I had a look at feedback/test session, and its clear I have a pretty big skills gap. Its three minutes from work, so I'm planning lots of visits while the kids are at school.

Pink Bike had a competition with Rock Shox to re-design some graphics. There are 10 short listed designs. I really wanted to like Dan Sharpe's design because hes from the UK, but the whispy guy with the strawberry ruins it for me.

My short list.

...oh, and some how my legs were still muddy when I got out of the shower.  How does that work?

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