Monday, 13 June 2011

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I bumped in to a great project a few months back called The Bicycle Academy.  I read the blog and couldn't quite believe what I had stumbled upon.  Brian Curtis teaches you to braze bike frames, and in the process you donate the frame you build to those that need it.  The best Curtis frames are made from T45 tubing - which is used for making really high performance things in the Aerospace industry, and...lets save all that for another day - or maybe just have a look yourself?

No need to file

So, on Sunday, I met Andrew, who started the project.  I shook his hand and demanded that I be near the top of the list and pledged to give a donation.  This is the thing that I am most definitely going to do, and this here Blog is going to be the thing that makes sure I do it.

One builder I spoke to on the day said that he went to a course run by Dave Yates, and has been building hobby frames for mates for a few years.  He's now taking orders from real customers.

Kajak Custom showed this around-the-world-trip mountain bike.  Designed for Rohlhoff and gigantic mud tyres.

Titanium Burls - with gussets and bulging down tube.

Pipe bender at Downland Cycles
More again, later in the week.

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