Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday at Bespoked

Today I went to the Bespoked Bike show at the Paintworks, in Bristol.

Lee Cooper had some lovely Sturmey Archer 3sp Fixed-mobiles, with handmade wooden mud guards.

I chatted to Mr Paper Bicycle about his ingenious design.  Forgoing traditional chain stays in favour of a massively robust chain protector, and at the same time making a strong step through, for the Post Office.

Fresh Tripe had their bike parts on Butchers trays.

The Donhou stand was simply gorgeous.  I was quite surprised by the paint finish on one brand that I was looking forward to seeing, but Donhou surpassed themselves.  The scriptive logo on this frame is embossed under a few layers of clear coat.

I snapped this Paulus Quiros towards the end of my visit.  Wonderfully understated - especially compared to the Titanium mountain bikes on the stand next door.

Lots lots more to show and tell, later.

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